Our empowerment program would primarily centre on two major components;
Vocational competence – Understanding and awareness of life planning and career choices, leisure and work options, and steps to act on those choices.

Citizenship Competence – Understanding of personal values, moral and ethical decision-making and participation in public effort of citizenship that contribute to community and the nations.

The organization will assist the youth across the state through specific trainings on Entrepreneurial Development, while utilizing football tournaments to strengthen the young mind and help build their character; while reducing their vulnerability to the economic and political instability and driving peace among communities.

The assistance takes the form of skilled training on how to make/develop certain products, as well as the provision of football kits and professional coaching to help build their minds and character.The sole aim of this innovative ‘Empowerment drive’ is to get the youth in their sprawling numbers and capacities, indoctrinate their minds against the wiles of the societal evils, energize their talents and make them a leading force economically through football and other empowerment programmes.

The organizers aim to absorb all the players registered for the competitions into its different vocational trainings as provided by our skill and acquisition partners, place them according to their interest as stipulated in their registration form, and confers on them vocational trainings.

These pools of players in trainings are assessed by their commitments to training modules, their understanding and performances. The stand-out performers in different categories will be empowered with a cash reward.

The under-listed are the two major categories by which we implement our empowerment programme.

Skill Acquisition
Professional Football Coaching