We host a football tournament yearly across the country (peace building movement initiative community cup) to help drive our empowerment programme. Football all over the world has become a panacea for peace and unity among nations of the world. Nigeria as a nation has also recorded a monumental achievement via football.

Football being a recreational sport has united us more than any other thing. As sacred as religion is, it has not succeeded in uniting us as a nation. Some families are now wallowing in affluence as a result of football. It has served as a panacea for arresting youth unrest hence, the peace building movement initiative Cup .

The program seeks to achieve this via combining Football with learning and empowerment. Prior to this initiative there has been several football competitions that focus solely on developing / nurturing the youth's skills in the area of football, while neglecting other aspects of their development and skills that they might posses.

While appreciating and helping to nurture these youth skills in the area of football, we at AJASAM MSC CONCEPT recognize that there are other latent abilities in these youths left unexplored. We have therefore designed this programme to carter for and address all aspects of their development, while providing a platform to ensure self sustenance for the youth.

Our programme therefore seeks to empower young people with practical skills for self sustainability while also helping to reduce high level of unemployment in our communities.

PEACE BUILDING MOVEMENT INITIATIVE COMMUNITY CUP Pioneered by AJASAM MSC CONCEPT; this initiative aims at educating our youth on the importance of peace, train their minds, develop their characters and give their skills actual breath of life for which we are seeking your support. This community cup in its inaugural season and subsequent editions will be starting a tradition of developing skills and vocational training for youths.

We also intend partnering relevant peace Organizations and Anti-crime agencies such as the I.C.P.C; E.F.C.C; to help educate the participants on the importance of peace, while taking their minds off crime. The initiative we believe will ultimately create better ambassadors for Nigeria.

This competition intends to bring together 32 teams across the state, each team comprising of 18 players, bringing together a total sum of 576 players to be trained. These pools of players are to be trained and retrained at a stipulated period of time depending on their individual capabilities as planned by the organizers.
Thereafter, the successful participants are to be empowered with the help of our sponsors to greater heights in life and to follow up with a post mentoring program.

Peace building cup (Tournament) Mini Edition at Ifako Ijaiye Local Government

Ajasam MSC concept buoyed by itís mission and objectives just concluded a football tournament at the local level (Peace Building Cup) where 16 teams took part across Ifako Ijaye L.G.A in Lagos State, Nigeria. All the matches took place at the playing pitch of Progressive College,Abule-Egba, a suburb of Lagos State, Nigeria.

Four teams by the name Ajasam F.C[1] vs Smart strikers and Ajasam F.C[2]vs SAB F.C all made it to the semi-final stage of the competition. Because of the flourishing and abundance of talents at Ajasam F.C, two different teams were floated by Ajasam MSC concept to grant their players the needed exposure. All the semi-final matches proved explosives and exciting, Smart strikers beats Ajasam F.C [1] by 2-1 while SAB F.C beats Ajasam F.C [2] by 3-2.
The grand finale witnessed a grueling encounter between Smart strikers and SAB F.C. the match was watched by a modest crowd of supporters owing to the ouster of Ajasam F.C teams at the semi-final stage, still; the crowd in attendance was not devoid of good grassroots football.

After a keenly contested encounter between the two teams, Smart strikers emerged victorious with a lone strike from their point man Adewale Sodiq. At the end of the day, post-win celebration activities witnessed the C.E.O of Ajasam MSC concept Mr. AdebowaleAjayi presenting the winner with the cash reward and a giant-sized trophy to the skipper of Smart striker Adewale Sodiq, backed-up with photo-shoot sessions with the other members of Ajasam MSC concept.