At Ajasam MSC concept, football coaching and empowerment are inseparable twins; hence the need to consummate it with proper guidelines for effective results for the youth. Ajasam MSC concept through Ajasam football club/academy offers broad spectrum football coaching to children and youths of different age categories.

The ever increasing number of interested individuals periodically showing intent and purpose either by referrals, recommendations, and or otherwise at it’s various training activities accentuates the importance and acceptability of it’s laudable coaching programs.

Basic soccer skills and techniques are given great and detailed attention at AjasamF.C/Academy. This is supported with requisite coaching aids and instructions to hastening the football developments of all the players in her fold.

The avalanche of great talents devoid of technical know-how of football remains a pivotal bane of player’s development across the length and breadth of Nigeria. This has become concern for worry among different stakeholder of the beautiful game, Nigeria being the most affected.
The coaching philosophies at Ajasam F.C/Academy is adept at discovering this gigantic challenge, and are readily offering sound football coaching and techniques at the grassroots’ level as solution.

Ajasam MSC concepts through Ajasam F.C/Academy is stridently helping the country in her capacity to combing the grassroots to discover very good and resourceful talents, absorbs them in her football club/academy and place them on the approved pedestal of football developments. The passionate coaching crew at Ajasam F.C/Academy works assiduously with the players collectively and individually, establishing a strong bond between the players and the coaches. This has successfully made the core of the players to freely interact and share their minds with the coaching crew, in effect helping their understanding and developments.

The roll-call of players at Ajasam F.C/Academy presently stands at 50. As stated above, the number increases on a periodical basis. This set of players are dedicated and committed to the course of the club’s/academy’s vision and objectives.

They are taking different coaching classes according to their age categories both on the field and off the field of play to enhance their football developments, whilst also enlisting a good number of them according to interest in the different ’empowerment programs’ as an alternative to ends meet.