AJASAM MIND SKILL CHARACTER CONCEPT is an organization based in Nigeria. The organization combines football with learning, in driving capacity building and youth empowerment. AJASAM MSC CONCEPT also seeks to build and foster peace in the various communities. The organisation is the first ever youth development focused organization that aim to combine the three vital component of youth development; Mind, Skill and Character.

Football is a beautiful game that has brought glory to many homes and countries alike, hence the increasing number of young minds willing to foray in it. Just as many personnel have flooded the game, a good percentage of these players fall by the wayside in the pursuit of their chosen career, and are thus unable to pick-up the remains of their failed careers. Empowerments across the different strata of living remain sacrosanct in the development of individuals to even life at all continuum; hence the organization’s decision to affect the lives of the youth in Nigeria through football and empowerment.

The organization will assist the youth across the state through specific trainings on Entrepreneurial Development, while utilizing a football tournament to strengthen the young mind and help build their character; hence reducing their vulnerability to the economic and political instability and driving peace among communities.

The assistance takes the form of skilled trainings on how to make/develop certain products, as well as the provision of football kits and professional coaching to help build their minds and character.

AJASAM MSC Concept currently trains over 50 young people of different age categories; engaging their minds and promoting peace through sports, while also embedding in them the requisite skills for Entrepreneurial activities.

At AJASAM MSC CONCEPT, we believe very strongly that youth empowerment is a panacea for peace and development!


To develop and inspire the youth through MIND, SKILLS AND CHARACTER building activities, while supporting Entrepreneurship and promoting peace.


To empower young people with practical lifetime skills for self sustainability and also help reduce high levels of unemployment in their communities.


Train and empower young people economically, socially and physically through sporting activities and practical vocational lifetime skills for self sustainability.


We believe the youth are and will remain the center of any thriving society and economy, and we are committed to ensuring they are guided through this ‘critical’ stage of their lives. As evident in our country, limited attention paid to the young people will result in limited progress, increase in crime, potential for violence and a stagnant society.
James D. Wolfensohn, the former President World Bank 2003 emphasized the importance of the young adult when he said “By the year 2015 there will be three billion people under the age 25. They are the future…. They are also now”.

We understand that the quality of a Country is not based on the strength of its Armed Forces nor is it determined by faithfulness to the application formula of political Offices. We know that no country becomes great by the number of politicians jostling for political offices.
The greatness of any Nation is in the quality of its people, in the worth of its Governance and in the empowerment of its youth. Indeed, the future of our country and its development depend on how we develop, empower and inspire our youth.

We at AJASAM MSC believe in the potential of the young Nigerian and know it is the responsibility of the family, civil society and the government to ensure they are actively and positively engaged. We are therefore dedicated to rebuilding our societies and at large, the nation, through mind, skills and character development initiative. We will empower and create value, in ensuring that young people can contribute to the economic, social and cultural advancement of their Families and the nation.