"When we engage our youth in the afternoon, they will go to sleep at night"

Professor Wole Soyinka.


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AJASAM MIND SKILL CHARACTER CONCEPT is an organization based in Nigeria. The organization combines football with learning, in driving capacity building and youth empowerment. AJASAM MSC CONCEPT also seeks to build and foster peace in the various communities.

The organisation is the first ever youth development focused organization that aim to combine the three vital component of youth development; Mind, Skill and Character.

The organization assists the youth across the state through specific training on Entrepreneurial Development, while utilizing a football tournament to strengthen the young mind and help build their character; while reducing their vulnerability to the economic and political instability and driving peace among communities.

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Our empowerment program would primarily centre on two major components;

Vocational Competence Understanding and awareness of life planning and career choices; leisure and work options; and steps to act on those choices.

Citizenship Competence Understanding personal values, moral and ethical decision-making and participation in public effort of citizenship that contribute to community and the nations.

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